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Roomes Sharon Anita9 June 1968-
Sansom Robert10 June 1969-
Hagan Anthony John1 July 1969-
Cook Carole Lynn19 August 1969-
Steer Melanie Jane12 December 1970-
Thomas Adrian Paul1972-
Steer Joanna Ellen3 September 1973-
Miller Kim Louise29 May 1974-
Steer Stuart Roy13 September 1978-
Beere Sarah30 August 1979-
Harker Karla Jolene13 April 1980-
Wills Christopher David5 July 1980-
Bowers Wayne (2)30 August 1980-
Roomes Carl Donald12 May 1982-
Harker Lisa Clare10 October 1982-
Knight Rebecca Leigh (3)1983-
Wills Lawrence Martin30 October 1985-
Thomas Mathew James20 February 1986-
Nott Emily Louise4 July 1991-
Clarke Daniel Oliver30 September 1992-
Nott Isobel Daisy9 July 1993-
Hagan Gabriella Jade20 November 1994-
Thomas Aaron William15 August 1995-
Thomas Taylor Jayne6 September 1996-
Thomas Brendon Raymond27 May 1997-
Hagan Leoni Marie22 June 1997-
Knight Zackary29 October 1998-
Bennett Jay Donavon21 April 1999-
Thomas Angela Margaret12 May 1999-
Sansom Cara Jane Zena Elvina1 January 2000-
Knight Felicity13 November 2000-
Thomas Cohen Riley2002-
Craker Jade5 March 2002-
Bennett Ruby May26 March 2002-
Bowers Alicia Leigh (1)10 May 2003-
Craker Aiden7 December 2003-
Thomas Freya Keely2004-
Bowers Shannon William25 August 200422 April 2005
Bennett Bo Johanne10 January 2005-
Hagan Ruairi2015-

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